Where Will They Park? - Introduction

These are usually on auction due to other reasons -- like going 'out of style' or 'store closed'.Education thru entertainment.BBB has them down as great ppl.This guy built a house underground and made his own meal?Put in one screw every 6 in.I will never forget.

reminds me a lot

reminds me a lot

This is an incredible lecture.excellent survival skill to have.don't expect anything great coming from this community when the only time they applaud during a QA with the man who MADE linux and git is when someone complains about how their feelings got hurt.continue on your travels to show things like this if you can.For the know nothing investor, low cost index funds are the way to capitalize on our vibrant economy.It's beautiful but i don't live in this house.

To persuade, under such circumstances, with no basis other than that which one holds to be true, is propagandizing also refereed to as practicing charlatanism.With this approach you could have enticed many small tinpot dictatorship into the light.Does the overflow provide extra support?Great explanation :).It's clear to see that Ben has self esteem issues in which he uses arguing or "debating" to feel superior to others.One wind storm and that thing collapses.There's about as much work as on a car to change that timing belt correctly.Thank you very much sir for you valuable teaching.Intro photo is crap.YouTube recommended does it again!

Anybody who doesn't keep up their health will suffer in any career.adnan cont me plz send me audio massage 03445975288.Last night's rally was in mono - in one speaker only.Marky Robey can explain what it is.I second that kyles.

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Techno Micah

My girlfriend made me watch this. She is an idiot, not surprised by the crap I'm watching."Universe has no end and no beginning"You must have proven this through your own conciousness.Just like paranormal phenomena in general has been proven. Love these alternative facts.Just like I love hearing my girlfriend tell me stupid shit that she is amazed by.If you're interested in the fibonacci sequence, play the stock market and forex, make use of your interests. Stop being an idiot. Misinformation makes you stupid.If you want to study the human conciousness, then go to school, get funding and make it a thesis or get your PhD.I dony care that you may be upset by my remarks

robot behavior

Bernie’s going to win. Bernie 2020.

Ed Villa

Safety regulations are very lax in Chile.That girl, with the pallet jack,should have had steel safety shoes on.

B bo

I love London. Damn

toxic mela

Very nice documentary. No ideologisms, no speculations, no complaining. Just good information.

Dan Lane

This may be my first 49 minute YouTube video I didn’t fast forward through. Absolutely high quality and master craftsmanship here.


the field actually seems quite attractive to me. Your interviewee just seems like a Pussy

Donald Westhoff

You are a true artist, thank you for being true to your craft.

mary shaffer

What does the Bible say?

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