Watch This BEFORE Buying Panel Clamps!! There's a Better Way to Glue Up Panels!

When your mother, father, son, or daughter is in medical distress, you smile knowing you wanted the absolute cheapest contractor there building that structure.I believe if you really want to go to college you should wait till you're older after high school.Another happy Honda.It’s one thing to scan and replicate and another to replicate a high degree of detail.

The potato peeler. This is excellent work Mr Dekker.Milestone significant point or events.Do you know anything about that?HO HO NH2, HO HO HO HOHO HO HO, feels like Christmas is here, what was the video about again?I worked at a manufacturing job.

I'm surprised at your aversion to

I'm surprised at your aversion to

The night a T-29 caught fire on the ramp, and we said "ROG.I am in school for construction management and was just saying that i wished more professors would provide video resources on the basic fundamentals of building a home.Duroohathakal neenganam.And never misfires!I checked your Amazon page and couldn’t find it.

I had to stop folks taking my helmet off my head when the bike slid from under me in Scotland, And to stop then trying to move me as I was blocking their single road!You need engineering technologist level skills to earn low skilled workers wage so it isn't attracting very many people into the field.Great video Matt!I am planning a trip in March 2021.This is a great video of a fantastic adventure, but you could make a drinking game out of how many times they reference defecation.2 much traffic noise.Trump is an absolute businessman.It’s like a piece of art in watching it with popcorns.

Just found you channel yesterday!23:57 Glad to note that I use the same brand of monitor as do Mercedes Benz at their very sophisticated plant.enthu kondu ningalu engane okke cheyyunnu.What a bloody hell of an adventure!Now she is forced to do her studies in marketingoperations in her engineering management degree."Why don't just redo the whole wall instead?I'm currently a Civil Engineering Major at a major university and I knew I wanted to do that because I was motivated in what I wanted to do.DYIer here, added this to my instructional vids list.Awesome, thankyou.Thanks so much for the great tips!

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yeah and the Titanic was unsinkable

Joseph Boykin

Your doing a great job - interested in hearing about the pros/cons of a career in technical writting.


Hi sir I have done MBA and tow years experience in sales Manager

Midnight Dark

is it meor she sounds "suspicious" wheshe jumps on theag of chip

Charlotte Wilson

I love the wildlife in this video - the non aquatic ones! A lovely setting to sit out and enjoy the sound of water and the wildlife both aquatic and non! Look forward to the waterfall video to see the ponds full effect

Nat Wall

hey upgrade the Malal's Will to be metal and then name it Steel Will or something like that

Trevor Hardy

What are all the holes for?

Lawrence F

please add, columns design to structures load and beams design to match columns with min. and max distance between columns. hidden beams for slabs one way and two way. the most important is the size of rebar for each column beam and slab with proper spacing. if you do this you will have the best by far the best structural design software on the market. auto adjust rebar column size beams and slab. A list of beams appropriate for the structure with additional information such ass structural load before and for after directed to each column and beam in kn

Jeffery Jones

Bernie <3

drewdirt Andrew h warren

I'm pretty sure how they formed and shaped asidian is with a simple chip here and there and then stabbing it at a bowl of sand somewhat fixing the density of the sand before every thrust to have a sharp dangerous weapon

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