I dont use sharkbites because the company that makes them rwc mistreats temp worker's they bring in a lot just to lay them off in a few weeks.It's hard to understand American English for non native English speakers but British English is more understanding and clear pronunciation.You should just do a video on bad 90s comic art.We have been too the moon!Anyone who votes for the current Democractic nominees isn't a true American in my eyes.Rather than using Letters on the aircraft, you could change their paint schemes slightly, redblack, redwhite, redwhiteblack, whiteblack, Etc.Whats the after fixs?Thank you so much for sharing your world with us!

Slave to the dollar.Please, This Old House, stop showcasing your videos as How to do this and that, like it is for anyone.C ka no 4 ayega na?Sad that NASA is in the business of lying and defrauding the public with phony space missions using special effects and actors.Do the Italian unification, would be great in this style.Can i get jobs in qutar or dubai.

Like add different colour wing tips with maybe hologram colour text.Goes to show maybe we did accomplish something in 2019.Never attached a soil conditioner to a bobcat or a power rake attachment they've been around a lot longer than that I guess you have to plug a company that gives you a quipment.If only you were in Hawaii.Not many of us x.or you can say my balls was in my mouth and your video was a saviour.And it was a natural approach to me.

only annoyin thin is the audio cliping.I doubt there's any risk that new people are going to just start making very high quality guitars.Thanks for the good video man!I didn't understand.Knowing the medical community, if you would have painted the secondary box black before install they would have been happier about it all.Gotta hire someone to remove them before I get under there.Sir Your lectures are best.Even model citizens the best in the world at what they do like Roger Federer or Manny Pacquiao get haters and abusers.Beckham is awesome nice video.

I guess I'll have to pick this one

I guess I'll have to pick this one

I got a lot more money in nonunionand I had awesome medicalinsurancein nonunionmoron.Them Mexicans can do much better work too!you could have the "dart sequence"the dartthe lawn dartthe javelin each deliver a bigger punch than the last and the size increase fits, then again penguin.Is there any opportunities to Change the MEP engineeer.I’m getting my BA in Theatre Arts.Water, like healthcare, should not be for profit.Such a beautiful vulnerable question.

Again, thanx for doin what u do G.The hotel tim and mama ana and jek and mommy.but found my true calling of enjoying life outdoors and exploring our world and surroundings.But good job man I’ve been watching you for years.Twinmotion is good for quick archviz.I’m guessing not many people know how to build one and by the looks of Matt’s garage you need to know what youre doing lol.where the heck are y'alls safety glasses?" Romans 10:9"For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.One big gust of wind and down she comes.

What ever thing we do and

What ever thing we do and

toenail all studs down.80 grit filler finish high build straight over the filler?You have a new subscriber Andrew!He'll nah this video is wrong in my opinion.The way i respected jim rohn he advertised this scam.Aapse kese contact kr skta hu?Hey Jeremy, Could you please make a video on stocks under $5 value.Completely worthless liberal trash.

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Jeff Moore

Just another day Stan. Like how you solved the water run off on the last project. Requires a lateral thinking mind to channel water. Especially in a block layout like that one. Aussie Jeff

Baya N

Any jobs for civil engineers there

Eric R

6:20 I'm amazed and turned on.

Andy Taylor

Bernie looses the nomination. Bernie supporters don't vote for the candidate. Trump wins. Welcome to 2016.

Annika Prasad

22:36GRIAN: Making chicken pranks has become a theme for the video! I don't know why!?Me: poultry man strikes again....

Tim Whittle

Love the videos, I am currently in the process of building a 16000 litre wildlife pond. Would you be able to add a link for where to buy the pump vault and Aqua block to protect the wildlife? I can’t find it anywhere to buy in the UK. Many thanks

Mauro Montemaggi

una mietitura da sballo


True American Builders. You make it look so easy!

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