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these people can kiss my ass.why the easy way, reanu keeves has all the power in the world.Take a shot every time he says pipeline.By denying entry of the migrant farm worker at the border, you're in essence preventing a skilled worker from coming in and doing what he does best.Don't ever think of PR as your agency has said.A Crazy Train" from nowhere to nowhere".God, please let the Covid-19 virus end soon.If you spent as much time doing a little due diligence as you did making this video you would have been better off!

Be Holy because I am HolySainthood which is another description of being Holy is a supernatural state of being that is an acknowledgment of the Union of man with God.OMG I thought ive seen some bad ones.I would love to know what Mr Vee thinks about the gold market?I think the anti-utopian slant is a bit shallow understanding of a true utopian who is not about control.Elite Rejects congratulations.What these companies say in public is that they want is a young person, they will train them, and hope they stay.Thanks for this video.Nice one and clean audio!

Sometimes they stop so kids in

Sometimes they stop so kids in

Some of this was common sense, but all of it was helpful.awesome metrocareer.mis adventure in Pearl Harbour,else Britain will be as British colony of Germany.You are one hard worker!I feel like we didn't see the whole house.i want to ask question.So your hacking the game?where do you plug the guitar amp?9:05 - this is a sure sign that the man had a good time at the game.

Thanks for making this video brother.I got the feelings that woman is a spiteful person.It's also where I got my 750sqft 18x18 tiles for $200, and my 600sqft 3 14 white oak for $300.13:10 final scene of Star Gate movie, the pyramids flying in the sky with the things on top.HDPE pipe is simpler, more efficient and longer life cycle.(although,its hard to find someone like that this day) anyway,FIGHTING!but after hurricane Rita, Ike, Harvey and Imelda I have no choice but to build something or we will be homeless in a year.

Saved me half a million bucks.The Holy Empire's time was long overdue.It's your personality, work ethic, and ability to market yourself.Guys great video.DEALING WITH PEOPLE.

Hi, How can i apply for the course.I'd imagine just as bad as cellphone use.I am 2 nd year student in civil engineering.Secure Team tunes.I want to see that manifold for the 2nd civil engineer will have scope in 2025.Remove the rocker arms and check cylinder leakdown.It's time to start spewing out more inflammatory rhetoric to get free press time like last time.Evark chumma enthelum oky news aki paranjal pore.I do like your cutting technique.

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Martin Alvarez

Was an excellent way to repurpose a old laptop

Persona Viva

Sadly, many of these very useful, professional tips tricks are or will be obsolete by current (cordless tools) and near future inventions.

This Sun Child

Isn't the Kybalion a manual for the mind?

Navi Nathane Charlotte

Wow, you started a long time ago. Your evolution is evident. I hope your channel grows more and more! c:

Aviral Vashishta

Play at 0.25x playback speed

Mrs. FancyFitz

This is better on mute

Nate McDaniel

So anyone can become a millionaire, an Astronaut, a MLB pitcher, a NFL Quarterback, a nuclear physicist? And if they don't it's because they didn't take 40 minutes out of the day to practice? My point is, there has to be a base intelligence or genetic wiring...some internal resources to do whatever the task might be.


Do you have a builders license?

Omaha Lawnscaping Solutions, LLC

cool vid. its progressive


A multi million dollar home on a lot that’s not much larger than the house itself?


soccerhollic96 I can farm, I do farm, and I don't have a penchant for foul language like you do.Go ahead, make a fool of yourself again! You are nothing more than a hateful internet troll, rushing in to answer a response like mine to a two-month-old post of yours within minutes of my post so that you can spew racial slurs and derogatory statements.Your view of a "traditional American citizen" being "a bunch of lazy asses" is distorted by the fact you work w/ illegals. Your words, not mine!

Asif Ahmad

thanks sardar bhai for making this video

Jake Rules

Dude Anderson brooo

Muneer Kunjimon


Marcos Barrios Vitalis


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