Sundt Construction Uses Raken Daily Reports in the Field

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I think you need to

I think you need to

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No organism just died out by

No organism just died out by

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joker prank in this video 2:55 poor guy

joker prank in this video 2:55 poor guy

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JP sounds like a sad sad man. I feel bad for that dude. I mean, how is he even a thing? He is literally the definition of snowflake.

Erica Bolden

K your so informative. I love how you try to educate us. It is greatly appreciated. I me some K. Keep up the awesome work on your channel.

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Subway for the first time. kontra naman mga dilaw

Denis Daly

He seems very insecure.

Kevin Nisbet

14:47 ganjagoblin haha thats amazing

Elias Alqamar

How many people get opportunity when building it? Yes too many yet they didn't get respective amount of salary and treatment. Dubai gain achievement but the people who constructed it who sweat almost their blood gain nothing, especially those construction workers being paid low salary uncomfortable accommodation which horse ranches of Sheikhs is much beautiful than worker's homes. Their hypocrisy reaching heaven, higher than Burj Khalifa


hii sr

Joseph Bujitu

thank you

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Hahahaa BC itna asan nahi

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Awesome animation!

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