I hope everyone in that crowd gets coronavirus.As well traffic decline will probably helps to pull cables in the tunnels for another DC interconnection between UK and France.I wonder if such scans were carried out on boxers and what might have been the result? it’s all love tho lmao.Should be able to.

contractors are fc(ed.Hi Jeff,This is an excellent video, it's designed for interview prep but your description of the role has actually helped on my quest to define my own job title!Spray some WD-40 on the handle and hitches that should stop them from rusting as quickly or soon.I think the best thing that happened to me this year is that I discovered Gary and his channel!

It's not turban it's turbine.My number is 91 9949240952.If someone were to want to be a general contractor, where would they start?It is easy to someone with my career to find a job on those 90 days with a tourist VISA?If they would like to prove me wrong I have another project coming up in a couple of months if they would reach out to me I would love to hear from them but I spent 2 weeks trying to get through to any one and no luck.

LoL if you clean your roof the

LoL if you clean your roof the

Shouldve just stuck to 3-tab.Congrats on the completion of such a great project.Much of college or university is a scam Not all but some professions do require formal educationpast high school.Everyone check the fat shit dancing with HIS giant boooooooobs m.Union here up in MD hasn't been that good I've known a couple guys who were apprentices and have gotten laid off and switching companies all the time.Why should you act rich with clothes rather than putting your clothing resources jointly to build your community from obscurity, facelessness, nowheresville?(Preferably into the item dropped, but I could see another randomization code doing the trick too)For example: planks dropped on gravel make more planks.

your country, the middle east as a whole, more on desserts, no grass, no trees!"No im from Wisconsin" that is so true.Yarr kitna piyara awaz hai ap ka.My husband has 3years of experience in UAE as civil engineer still he is in service but.Not one of these media puppets have opened their homes to identity thieves.If you are happy hitting it straight and 230 you can release early if you have some of Russelsgreat lower body action.Also the worst thing is when people are given a powerpoint that they have not written to present.

If you cut s material, there's wasted material.especially that boss takes way too long.if people then have to pay a premium for that work, just because there is a high demand (because someone has to do it, but nobody wants to do it), the marked will find a solution.Very informative and professionally done.waste of 20 million views.Thank you a lot.Can u explain abt reference for any kind of job and networking epadi improve pannarathu my field is biomedical instrumentation engineering.

Well done, he did not read out sentences in PowerPoint word for word.Go find the creator of the universe the creator who created you and created Jesus.And this video is certainly a trip down nostalgia lane.Now I'm afraid of cars!Never been there.Thanks for sharing Matt!He knows NOTHING about innovation of the US and the rest of the world benefits from the innovation from the US which is never addressed.Obliterate that Like Button lads!Bad framing, bad design on pouring, too stiff concrete!I was talking to somebody about armor Stone walls and he was telling me to put fabric behind the wall and the other side of the drainage aggregate what are your thoughts this is really important to me I'm bidding on the biggest job I've ever had.

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Mike Cowan

Also isn't labor and materials considered overhead?

Leviathan Hobbes

As an aside, the Battle of Midway is the greatest crossover event ever seen - Marvel's Avengers and Rick and Morty's Vindicators battling the weeaboo army

James Evans

I’m honestly surprised you haven’t sponsored him or something because he must be giving you quite a lot of free publicity to The American viewers since most are still think that the only quality machines out there are from American brands when simply that isn’t the case (pun not intended) because there’s many brands out there that aren’t American but make machines that are same quality if not better quality and I believe Chris is shedding a light on how Volvo excavators are brilliant quality machines from a brand that is known for its reliability

Fasail Ail



This single mega-factory is pretty cool and you have done it very well.After the update with the train I decided I wanted to make the factory distributed into a little synthetic city so I made a bunch of neighborhoods that produced different things and delivered it all to the train.It wasn't super efficient but it was really fun to walk around.

Lila Andras

Hi u should use foam pro - can pourer so there is no mess mr ., just saying ., great work by the way "

Carlos Finch

It's annoying that not only did they upsell to services the customers didn't need, but then they didn't perform the work. Which is insane and dangerous.


I'm going to miss the Joe, but I'm also excited about this.Go Wings!

Deogracia Mugas

Wish success I know you will find the love that you want

Prickle B

My thoughthas always been ...........why go through this terrible process just to mine goal? . What is so special about gold . What does gold do to you physically than just make shiny ornaments that people gives value to ?. My question is ......if you were stranded in the middle of adesert and you found a bucket filled to the brim with gold and beside it was also a bucket of water .......which of the 2 buckets wouldyou be grateful for ? , I have sought this answer many times .

friedrich nietzsche

Who was a big Philosoph? The Jew Karl Marx!!!!

Al Kane

How would copper pipe with insulating sleeve do in cold temps? Does it help?

hik super hik



90days k liy process kese kre pls help me

Er. Sam siddiqui

Thank you sir .But need take a quick action about our syllabus.

Michael Tinajero

Cheap contractor why not juz order a hydraulic pump not a boom pinche rookie

silpa sasidharan

Pankaj Koshyari

Wonderful imagination

Tim Smith

very smart wile he was making this video is was making love to his wife in the basement

Tyler's Video Production

Is it true the fox's play mind games with you

Scott Collins

Now hold on a minute....is this video suggesting that there could be dishonest mechanics out there?

jeewachh official

Bhai Hame bhi chahiye Ek job Malaysia meinaap dil aa sakte ho comment mein jawab do ok

roland dc

Tis een overval hier heb je men gun

Abdulrahman Radwan

I want to get a high sallary

D Mich

Hi Mark any adviceon koi ponds love to see you do a big koi pond projectI'm thinkingof redoingmy pond in the next 2 years you travel to dublin

Raul Ruiz

If yall only have one guy to screed just use a vibrating screed its just a waste of time with one guy and one of these


You say that to me and I'm going to double the price I would've given you, because that makes you an asshole. You're not buying a used car, you don't get to negotiate prices with contractors.

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