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At 748 did that white dude say I almost kicked you nga to anouther white guy while playing country music in the background.5:53 I feel sorry for those balls.The bullet train is in fact a just a compromise if japan had the right terrain for airports they would have went in that route besides the area around Tokyo japan is mostly mountains.

I am constantly using creativity in

I am constantly using creativity in

At least that was my experience.JORDAN PEOPLE IS A WEAK PATHETIC MESS HE LET HIS WIFE PUT HIM ON PSYCH MEDS AND ALMOST COMMITED SUICIDE WHAT A WEAK PATHETIC MAN, CHECK OUT JESSE LEE PETERSON IF YOU WANT REAL TRUTH NOT TEXT BOOK BULLSHIT.Who really won WW2?O:19 oof that mus hurt.Jagmeet Singh should stand up for what is right and that's challenge Trudeau to do the right thing regarding Trudeau's illegal actions with the SNC you are a fucking master!Way too many vertical videos!Do you build houses on command in other countries?As a trans person I wish it was that easy to get surgeries done.wait I thought Volvo only existed in Sweden.

Bertha Boronda looks like the

Bertha Boronda looks like the

Wouldn’t be surprised to hear your umbilical was tied up in your knot free method either.Do i quality for pr?America is just like any other place.Tried this on my mother in law,it worked.almost all of them passed away.I will not try any.Yaar Humko laga do Bahar hum bahut jaldi Jhad Jana chah rahe hain aagadu Mere mera naam Vikas Kumar hai mera Facebook par bhi chalta hai WhatsApp chalata Hoon.i see that individualistic culture is strong in both the video and the half a meter of concrete and half a meter of insulation.You can't possibly have mastered them all, its even unlikely that you have mastered one if youre fresh from college.

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Dimitri The Slav

"41% of things on to do lists are never done" how do you get that statistic?

Burt Lade

Looks pretty good!



Purva Mohnot

Wonderful Criminal

Anubhav Sharma

so which course you did after project management

Echo Tech

The nukes should be called flakes P.s like this so lath can see this thank you

sujith surendran

... 10 show .... ... ......

Tom Mohnasky

You can get married!!

William Hernandez

How much the car insurance in canada. Thnx i hope you responce with my question.


I am looking for work in the Houston area and they keep asking for NCCER certs for an ironworker. Where can I view a sample test and or obtain a study guide/locations and schedules for testing?

evket kaynak



I've been binge watching your videos and I just want to say that you have more places to visit and things to see from your canal system in the UK than I had sailing the Pacific Coast of the United States. There, it is (pretty much) land to the east and ocean to the west. Can't really get lost and can't just stop and tie up to a bank wherever you want. One either sails north by northwest or south by south east. Closer to Canada, it is just north or south. Marinas are, of course, crowded and very expensive. I hear the Caribbean is an entirely different story, but I haven't done that yet. Seems the UK canal system would be more my style, especially as I get older.

sabir shah

Anyone can explain that, why did they check their hands?

Abhishek Goswami-II

After finishing the phd does any student get money for it?

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