Living the Island lifestyle

She couldn’t wait to re-offend so she could take the advanced course.And love the dinner you cooked!This man has hella balls with 800 grit pubes.

After many pours after we ended up being pretty good friends.11:55 "i cant believe it.IM WATCHING FROM NEPAL.You're a great teacher and motivator.

Austria: Loses territory and its army limited to 150,000 men100 years laterGermany: loses territory and its army limited to 100,000 menGermany and Austria: We have a common enemy1938: Germany and Austria unite1940:France: I surrender!For certain technical jobs, the above still applies (i.Total horseshit.Mera mail I'd aditiyatiwari1990gmail.I need a machine450 axwetar my WhatsApp number 923337864330in pakistan.pbCivil Engineers Choice.

"A few minutes later,

"A few minutes later,

by making it slide in and out, make it look like a movie.Where in NY you at?If this guy would've be my teacher I would've been Eintein by now.It still working yet after a year.Hi, i m not a pm and I m sr.

Adam Carolla is helping Home Advisor RIP

Adam Carolla is helping Home Advisor RIP

I'm not good enough in MATH.The other pulls it through and fastens it down.Will it be covered by MedicareMedicare for all?Hello, thank you for taking the time to read the message. 12 15 15 MO 9571807531.

And also please guide me if I am living in Malta without any European residency and if I become a partner with my friend in his shop then can I get work permit?no more ceilings though, my shoulders got to old!Texas was a tie, and California will be a win for Bernie.WEEEY NOOOOOOOOO.dude took care of that dent with ease and perfection hell of a job.Then putting in American puppets to run the government just like they've done to many other countries.The idea is to have no drywall ceilingbut rather open framing like the house in the video, but, I have been struggling on how i would keep the heat away.ed wale apply kar sakte hai ki nahin?Looking forward to watching them in another video.If I did that myself then I would probably take 2 years,11 months,3 weeks,4 days,16 hours,59 mins,and 49 seconds so good job.

BY THE WAY WHAT IS THE LAST NAME BETO?France was mentioned on that monument.I reckon this Dr is more likely to have developed some immunity if he had been treating patients for weeks, or months.Our creative designers transform the complex or mundane processes into superbly sculpted 3D models with vivid visualization and presence.Amazing Singapore!

In so many teachings they always make it sound like something completely different.Democrats are traitors off USA!Igor brother you are so helpful.but how did you put cement?Once you own one, you will never want to go back.

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Kea Whitmore

Why is nobody talking about the other votes that were cast. What happened with Nancy Pelosi?


Minecraft challenge: sticks onlyAsians: we got this

Indra Putra

Saya ingin memiliki gitar buatan anda, bagaimana caranya???


14:46 GanjaGoblin :D

Tn Nguyn

thanks for your effort for making this awesome video. I love your voice, your animation, ... Everything.Thank you very much.


These guys are as professional as they come. He should start up a framing school.


anyone else think SCP-173 when they saw those statues from Jordan?

Dick Dawes

Golds value is in its scarcity.

Mark Joseph Szymanski

I understand the concept, but the explanation reeks of settling for something that won't make you happy. Like be realistic absolutely, but don't sacrifice your happiness in your life for a paycheck. You'll regret not giving it a try at least.


This would be a nice stage for DBZ BT4

George Shevchuk

Can't even get Thorium Molten Salt Reactors off the ground because of this deep state controlled Matrix.


These videos should also serve to show how naive and ignorant we engineers are, particularly right out of school. Part of it is the exaggerated excitement of STEM fields and our inflated selfworth. The end result can be exciting and cool, but the day to day work in general can be boring and we are replaceable.I too worked at a Fortune 500 defense contractor that paid well, but it was partly unpleasant. I was with older people who seemed threatened by my presence, and even people training me told me I was wasting my time because my education exceeded my role.I then left for an even better paying job at an electric utility. I left that job due to it being a toxic environment and my supervisor getting in the way of me attending grad school (he was unwilling to let me take advantage of the tuition reimbursement and leaving even an hour early a few times a year for an exam). The tuition reimbursement was partly the reason I took the job.In general, I say that unless you really love some job, make money your main goal, while trying to work in an environment that doesn't drain you mentally and emotionally. Develop interests outside of work, and perhaps make a business out of it. There is more to life than work and engineering.Take advantage of our capitalist system that allows you to leave one job and take another you prefer. I have, and I learned a lot along the way.


That "Ingenious Construction Workers That Are at Another Level" is another Clickbait youtuber like this one. Just rehashed file video pieced together probably in somebody's parents basement. No effort extended, no subscription or likes received. My Youtube suggestions on the right are filled with this junk.

Sandeep Kumar

Angrej ki awlad

Lalo Vega

Where did you get the materials?

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