Subscribed right away!Islam is a force that keeps everyone living in mudhuts and so it must be destroy at all cost.the technique is all in the coral colored pants - great job guys.Alternative Free Electrical Energy Forever in Abundance Solar Moon Cosmic Galaxies Universal Planetary UltraSoundwaves UltraSuperSonic Orbitals Harmonious Solar Electro Magnetic Perpetual Mechanical Anti Gravations Satellites Operations Shortwave Frequencies SOS Morse Coded Singles Specials UltraSoundwaves UltraSuperSonic Electro Magnetic Perpetual Mechanical Radio cycle waves Transmissions Satellites Generated Electrical Light Energy Forever Free Energy Lessern Our Universal Planetary International EnvironmentalIndustrial Footprint Saveing Finiative Mother Nature's Liveing Workds Underneath Our Feet.It is simply beautiful, and built with some much love and care.Did I see a flash at 2.when u said $150 sq ft my jaw dropped.

bahut khubsurat hain aap.Appreciate your video.Before I get started let me give you a quickrundown on what I'm about to get started as I run this down as a quick start up.I's a car enthusiast, I play music hence I love Car and Music videos but this is one of the most enjoyable Videos on You Tube!fantastic true pioneers of the working canal life, are the lime boats still running?full of shit, true and fairness of financial statements?Example a cashier woman vs cashier man in same store what's their hourly rate.

I've been enjoying your science based Youtube videos for a few years.If the tape bubbles is there too much mud or notenough in first coat on seam?i bought DAL 5 days ago.They state openly that they wish us to rely on them for truth.Why use batteries with a crappy little cordless drill, use a big 12" electric one with a 18" long drill bit"p.YET FEDERAL LAWSTATE LAWMUNICIPALATY'S.

It really is

It really is

Hi Help to provide 9key elements.Make it maroon with gray rims.This is some incredibly precise, masterful craftmanship.Are u guys from jersey if do bc I'm from jersey.wow lyn, your videos are getting very youtuber-ishHAHAHAHA is this a sign to be a youtuber.I will someday get a job doing what I love.That looks like a very enjoyable course.Anna romba tq annaa.

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Xxnerdgoat aka InkNerdgoat

Top gear

Pratap Gavali

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Shane Serpa

Local 597 Chicago Pipefitters over here

Mark B.

That looked to be dangerous as hell... locking the excavator into forward motion with nobody in the cab, to push the dump truck and trailer out.One day your luck of nothing horrible happening will run out!!!

bravo company10

What a legend this guy is.Reminds me of my uncle Lou Papesh who was a great old school builder.These guys were tougher than the homes they built.

Iresh Lakmal

Can you solve this, I have been trying for so long time,Activity Predecessor(s) Time Duration(Weeks)A -10B -6C A 14D A 12E B 14F D,E 6G D,E 20H C,F,G 16

Lauren Hoath

As someone who's had dreads, watching the lady with the amazing long dreads dirty with cob made me cringe!!

maxxwell22 Smart

i have the same problem. i'm gonna pull a few ram chips to quick check, cause i have the same HP...

jeevan nepali

Kitna bolta hai ye Banda Jo anchoring kar rajahai...

Saba Mahapule

im proud on my collage

Timmy Hussell

GAHT DAMN that is some severe ass camel toe!

Hi Bye

You couldn’t pay me enough to do this shit..


Congrats! the Dem Establishment and Obama just ensured Trump gets another 4 years.


Zamriasra Until one falls while you're in it.

Brian A

Me as well. I watched the entire thing. Really enjoyed it. I don't watch cable TV anymore, waste of time and money! No more support from me for HollyRot. I'm a YouTube fan and watch the REAL (video) world everyday. Thank you Andrew Camarata for a very enjoyable video.

John Riley

That cardiologist salary is probably the bare minimum of what some traders/real estate agents, and businesses men make. Lol

Keanu c



that was very cool, thanks man

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