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thank you very much for the useful infop.Loewen is said "lerven.New York City Future Downtown Mega Project ( 2025 ) - WOW!

He annulled whole concept with tires and wood burning furnace.Better come up with adifferent angle.Need a list of the songs, particularly the first one.The elites hate you for this disclosure btw I have tesla tubes in my bass amp they rock the foundations.Hi, it's me Claudiu from Romania, i've been watchingyour videos since 2012 and I thank you forinspiring me to buy most of my Stanley tools that I own.Than you for this kind of informative lesson.

I understand old bed frames are a hard tempered metal.Going to Community college is one of the best decisions you can make!Wow this is awesome and amazing great work!Hammonds track isn't straight, esp on crossing.Add the not so smart consumer in the equation and you are set.worst house ever.They would be just as "intelligent" because they would have the tools and easy life to work with that many other millennials have.I don't know if you were frightened or not but I was frightened for you!US are based on Genocide against native Americans in 19 th century.I live in Saratoga Springs NY.

I think the idea that "Everyone" if they

I think the idea that "Everyone" if they

Didn't have to worry about OSHA or building codes.Beast mode, wow.You're almost exactly like.6:10 Those pipes were just a disaster waiting to happen.They require my best effort 100% of the time!

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It will be re opening on 20th September 2022

Mark Weinfurter

I wish you would have had some before and after shots of this space. I love your videos, they are very informative and by watching a lot of your videos you helped me remodel my bathroom and kitchen. I did them myself and I was able to save a lot of money in contractor costs. I kept looking at the wall paper thinking, that wall paper is all over the studs and outside wall was there no insulation ??

nandini ammu

Pls any one translate his speech in English

Rk star Rohit Kumar


Mark Wilson Alcala

What is 'leads'?

Tom van Leeuwen

Fahd states four principles that he works by.Individual interactions aremore important than processes and tools.Working product is more important than comprehensive documentation.Customer collaboration is more important than contract negotiation.Responding to change is more important than following a plan.Discusses the fact that the Agile PM style delivers incremental value throughout the project rather than a large chunk at the end.In agile teams can self organize and individuals can have multifunctional roles.

DC 2701

2:20 other dimension lmaooo

Stuart Stirling

We are migrating all our projects/crm etc to Zoho and looking for the best practices on setting up our customer base, projects and then billing/expenses. I want to ensure that we have a standard mechanism to setting it up rather than have 10 different attempts on setting things up all doing different things.

Chris Lore

So, stuffing 3 ad breaks in and padding the runtime by 300%... is that kinda like what they did at Economy Lube?

Mark G

Ah that’s boaty mc boat face


you are serious,tombs up

Snehalata Mohapatra

Very good sir explanation is best and u are explaining so clear that a dull student can understand very quickly and I want video on loci icse class 10 and plz upload the video soon please

Rahul Zutshi

Thank you for this Video, It helps me a lot :)


.....did ya have to ear rape us 2:36....

Adam jr

The Winds of a category 10 hurricane are faster than the speed of sound If the winds themself don't kill you the Shockwave will


It's depends on everybody but you need to sacrifice something when you choose something there is always a consequences when i was 19y.o i must choose between go to college like all my friends do or starting a business so i choose to lend a money from my dad and start a business so far so good i can return the money on the first year but there's a consequences i must sacrifice a degree , i don't had what people called " youth moment " , and i don't had many friends but i think you can't have it all you win some you lose some i know it's gonna happen and i don't regret it

Eat Smoke Drink

socialism at its best. Go AOC

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