How to make an Origami Lion

0:40 what is this background song, from Phoenix Wright?Informative video!Amazing episode again.I guess the question would be: can I use a property dec within init?Sir driver ka kB hoga.

The new academic year starts in January and you can only apply for a study permit between December and March of each year.I have to dig a 500 ft.i have the experience to be a concrete contractor how can i get these type of jobs from clients i know all the bid numbers aswell but do you think i need a bond and insurance?But don't let me dissuade you.2:31:08 - Ron Paul for President!I'm still trying to figure out the point of the video.Isn’t he darling, I just love his little giggle and crooked tooth.

You're very right, and

You're very right, and

Of course a dc 10.Very good job Imran bhai very nice.You are sooooo ignorant!  I have unlimited profit potential, etc.MOST TRUSTED VERITAS AND OAN.I would like to see the best, most relaxing view of the landscape the house can provide me.They are not working for you they are working for the pay.china is the best,sorry.So much paper work for one erection.

80 hr wks is about 13hr days (6 days working with 1 day off) Your day off is used Literally just for sleeping.Brown did nothing for both.Thanks for sharing, GOD bless.I have been trying to make bread for 8 years.Get some sleep meth head.He is from chennai.That is what the major fight is over.I'm watching this video while I procrastinate taking down the Christmas tree.Young men who don’t know how to grow food, lay brick or run an outlet, fix their own car or build a simple dog house, women who cannot sew, make a hat or know which wheat or flour to make bread to feed their offspring.

What's love got to do with it.How is it prepared and used for consumption.This was great Stan heavy equipment is the best someday I'd like a crane for my tree service.But I really appreciate his confidens.Yes you should use missiles.We use the bump cut boogy since the beginning.Tom Hank and others.basic concepts of economics in constructionyk that bitch lying.I enjoy your vlogs and watching you get things done.Who said we needed any convincing.

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That's illegal to be lifted by a crane for something as silly as taking photos

Junior Gonzalez

Best concrete YouTuber


This was pretty AWESOME, Sir! Thank you for the video. I really enjoyed watching and learning from it. Also, I really like that you give us the sources for all or most of your tools and fasteners. This makes a really huge difference for there builders such as myself. Trying to source materials and certain tools can be very trying, and when you're running a business that depends upon these things.... I just cannot thank you enough!

Krishi VB

Excellent video, very helpful content! Thank you Nikhilesh and Joel. (sorry if i got name/spelling wrong)


Imagine if Larry had the m18 rear handle


Sorry but i dont understand why anyone would take new born babies.. or even young babies to disney world. Wouldnt you rather save that money and wait until theyre a little more grown up as a preschooler or little kid and actually can remember their experiences? It just seems odd to me when i see people with really small babies at disney (and i mean just the people that take their babies to disney without any other kids who are a bit older and could remember their time). Just my opinion.

Massabi Ksa



Good video, epic in my opinion, thanks,

Touqir Butter

Excellent! So skillful, everything covered in a short video. I will watch this for at least 10 times to properly digest it all, and start my DIY.

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