Heavy RC 2018 Construction Vehicles in Action! Caterpillar D9! Komatsu, Liebherr, Volvo

i need a vacuum like that to clean my carpet.Mobile-crane truckPump-concrete truckTower-cranePerforationAnd and." Picture: Curved track.thiopia is on the move!The first thing is caused by lightning.I too have learned a lot from Mr pete222.

I find Freckle time tracking very useful in not only managing my tasks but also preparing invoices and expenses.I said it once and I said it before Nixon have the dignity to step down nuff said.This couple was gifted the property from her parents and much of the labor was completed by some "interns" learning to build "healthy homes"?5:08 I never actually ever thought about where rainbows come from.This used to frustrate me but I have moved around a lot lately so I am more respectful these days.

Gary, it is 7 not.I want such video on force and motion chapter's formulas.Yet many 150 year old homes still standing.Hi, not sure if it’s a right platform to ask forhelp and guidance but doing it anyway, I might get someone’s response that will help me with my career.6:12 - City of Shreveport - will never buy a curb maker like this but they sure need to buy one and use it.I have a hard time in Latin America to say things as they are, not that I’m being a dick is that I believe that is something isn’t good enough I will say it and I don’t have to sugar cought it for you to take it.and afterit what should i do to gain some experince in this field.its progressive.

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KT Tah

China China China where everything is made, I mean everything... Anyone who s promising supply chain is coming back is selling lies.



David Scott

Thanks now I can build my home

Adarsh Bhartiya

Great service to Humanity..salute to Bawa and Dinesh

Doris Lee

Good video Thanks a lots Got a general idea of construction drawing.

Ryan Kipp

Nice work. Never seen bump cutter before, that was impressive.

Mart Pac

wooop wooooo


Off topic but.. I want "It butters my muffin" on a shirt with you holding a buttered muffin with a cheesy grin on your face.

Country Boy

They rollin in the dough cause they sellin that good stuff


What about the young people that are probably going to cause a influx of CS grads. all of these kids are growing up on computers with sites that'll teach anyone to code. Whose to say all of these jobs wont be just as inaccessible because there are so many CS grads.

Tony Beale


Houry Jamgotchian


Kenneth Wolters

Michael Rowe is my spirit animal.


Very impressive.



China is giving a buck to thr korea

Jayou Tanau

This Indians, is full of Sh$$

Hafiz Iftikhar

Thanks sir

Jeff Harlow


David Solomon

These are mind-blowing projects!!! What if the world’s most powerful nations would devote as little as a decade to COOPERATE for the benefit of ALL MANKIND?

Kumar Shashi Ranjan

Thanks for this info!!! I am using psc cement!! Kindly suggest strength of psc and m i wrong


i allways loved build thing with legos and in vidoegames my teacher said to look at civil engineering and it looks hard in the schooling area but i might do it.

Onfiredragon ,

6:10 that just makes it look like it's being powered by dark matter. That is red just imagine it covered in red sheild that is slightly visable and smoke coming out the back.

Babu Ali

Dubai ok

Martin Goodef'

A lot of smart people out there, desal is the process used, maybe there is a way to remove the salt and utilize the salt by another method or manipulate the weather to create rainfall in targeted areas.Just don’t ask anyone that’s had an education where everyone is taught to think the same way and problem solve the same way.

T. Henderson

13:00 Wilhelm! Whatchu doing in Asia Minor?? You sneaky summbitch!

Andrew Joseph

Are there any particular pieces where a framer would be best served by using screws? Can you please answer during your next podcast?!?! Thanks Scott and Nate! Looking good!


Lots of good tips well demonstrated. Even an old hand can pick up something. Thanks

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