GoPro Interlock Patio Construction- Brick n Block Ottawa

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what kind of

what kind of

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John S

I don't know much about scrapers...why are they often used in tandem?


I'm obsessed with this guy

Choudhury Khan

Sir can you make 1 Lebour videos

Ifrahim Ismail

Bhai dubai aana chahta hoon

Trauma Hawk

0:01 When the Spongebob Squarepants Theme song is Life


are the speed records which are now under 2 hours free ascents?


Yes, let's dig a hole to cover the other and call that a solution!

Richard Lombardo

You learn something new every day .

Mohd adnan adnan

I am coming job k liya

Allan Rabanales Art

9:46 Number 9 is been bodering me but now it wont boder me for the rest of my life.... Thanks man.

Sleepy Cobra

If you have exceptional skills they will never ask you this question

Phoebe Lanz

Can’t wait to see you in San Diego



Angelina Koftoun

Thanks so much, this is perfect! So much detailed information!

Jacob Schweitzer

I just commented on your most recent upload, and realized that wasn't the first of yours I had seen - this was. Still, what I said there still applies - you and Kevin now have me hooked on these types of videos!


ishka sale ka Total video fake hai....a sirf logo ko bewkoof banakar paisa banata hai madhachod....

Revansiddappa jadur



The thumbnail title look absurd until you watch them actually make it

Commander Spock

3:58 guy builds janky 3rd word staircase ..."insane level technologies"

Muhammad Ali

we use 88 mm brush for cut ins which we think is the best,no filler blades in ones tools?

Austin Rodarte

They need to first get rid of all homeless and clean the shit.

Sea Skimmer

I hope he's going to make use of every inch of that house. Never fails to piss me off when rich people have huge homes and there's only two of them living there for about 8 months of the year. All those poor tree's chopped down to make room for a house that is used from even more tree's, sad and ironic.

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