Get into a skilled trade and build something amazing!

No need for aws most places are gonna test you before gettin hired anyways plus if you work smart wear your ppe youll b fine work smart dont b dumb.Construction is ongoing.Why do I fall asleep when I try to meditate with eyes closed.I thought I was the only one who secured his plates like that before building the walls.The guy doing the crazy paving should have his arms cut off.

Now I am Living In Dubai, UAE.Well I have heaps more than that and still dont know German.This video is sponsored by honey.radiohead song will fixed the hole.I'll try to buy one.Amazing presentation on what motivates people in the modern era.I hate the DNC commies!Handicap Lag Ja kya kar sakte Dubai Mein Kaam.

I love my india.Good luckAlso, your art isn't bad!At 00:25 DONT TEMPT "GOD" THAT WAY!Moral of the story, STEM is best.God Bless you, you BIG family and wonderful team!

Who are they to say what we can,

Who are they to say what we can,

Unions ruined America.WAG POH NATIN HAYAAN 2 MNGYARI.It's nearly to the impossible!(Now a four year program).Windshear is not permanent.The amount of filth in the environment and human overpopulation has lead to such unhygienic lifestyles across the world.It's like freequint short pauses.

They have an adapter for the C wire for these older systems so you can have power, and it comes included in the box.50% correction this year -- he just here to turn you all into the bag holders.What should breathe?5:24 Awesome shot, great job Nate!When you say scientists are working on this how do you know that?

Things that you shouldn’t worry aboutChemtrails (not real)5G (most info is a result of data dredging)The Cloud People (they won’t hurt you if you give them your dick pills)The Reptilians (they only come out at night)There’s nothing to worry about.When Bernie won Nevada he had a major press headwind.Signed up for PMI, entered in their mentoring program, purchased the PMBOK, etc.At any rate, it's nice to finally put a face to the rugged, suave, devil-may-care voice we've all grown to know love!that wasn't fair,any pro can still make mistakes.

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Lynon Smith



31:58 is a bold faced lie. My main problem with the UAE is that it lives on the labor of what is very nearly slavery, it houses great poverty, the only reason it 'thrives' is because massive quantities of currency are funneled in to the city by extremely rich men. there is no real social net to protect the lower class of people, they either do or do not serve the upper class, which determines whether they starve or flourish. When new construction is underway, 'slave' quarters are built to house the migrant workers, their passports are held by a supervisor, so they cannot leave willingly, and their pay is often withheld until the company deems to release it....they are also paid based on the nation they hail from not the current fair wage of the nation they work in. Pointing out the beauty of the UAE is easy, there is much beauty to see, the great wealth has seen to that, but the coin has two sides one cannot tell an honest story about the UAE without looking at BOTH sides.Another problem is Islams brutal treatment of women homosexuals. A woman has some say in her life, less if she is from a poor family, but she cannot do much of what a man can, we all know what the karan says about gays. The funny thing is , liberal people are the ones who often accept islam with open arms, they are the very ones it will subjugate. im a man, a well to do man, who is straight, i would do quite well in a Shariah ruled nation, can you say the same?

Aleksandr Choban

A psychology degree is completely useless I agree.

che guvera

As a Bernie voter, I will be voting for Trump in the general.No thanks Joe and DNC.

Sunny Bharghav

Hello brother.. can you convey in English


I would bang that montecarlo chick. She's a little on the older side but has that look where she'd be awsome hanging off me shaft.

Sam Heft

Picking weeds and pulling fruit is not a skilled trade


Say the truth an NDP and Liberal Coalition would kill the country

chloe m.

I have a question. How can you tell when someone is a perfect fit for a position? Is it the way he/she handles his/herself during interviews? The qualifications and credentials? Do personal qualities play so much role (if yes, how can you judge someone's personality when you only met him/her through interviews?)?


How in the hell can you make a video about tape measure so interesting. The way you break it down is so fluid. Thats a lot of people with a lot of skills but to be able to explain like you do is rare.

ukasz S.kyWalker


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