Gears of War 4 - All Weapons, Reload Animations and Sounds

Thanks for all your knowledge.Yeeeeeaaah Durham!"IF YOUR INTERESTED IN THIS STUFF YOU CAN DO A LOT".its right up there with worlds most dangerous catch.

Will it be valuable

Will it be valuable

Adorei conhecer novas tecnologias em ferramentas!maling kilos lang, pwede nila ikamatay.Your videos are changing the way Im doing business - after 5 years.This video is on point.burned out professors (at least 40%).Then again they have to be for a pete bog.

some germans knew about this called the contergan scandal.With no safety equipment.Next level lmao thats just a normal mundane day for most tradesmen, nothing next level here.If there is a law suit I want to join it.2:55 Nerd alert, I see manga books.

Don't worry though because he would have already stolen your property in the name of immanent domain.Lol the wallet "collecting" fox.Maybe Im old school.DON'T LISTEN TO THE NEWS MEDIA, ONLY TRUST PUTIN AND MY WHITE HOUSE PROPAGANDA!You guys are the best.That moan was uncalled for-.Again it's how far you want to take the craft!Hi Doug,I saw 'Villa K' on the Architizer app.Dubai ke bare me jana he.Bro I am from civil engineering field and can u suggest me which course to select under engineering management for future growth and earning.

how about wanting a real future for your people other then servents for people on vacation.Gun setup for proper fan and air pressure to get the desired amount of material spraying out.Thanks for all your hard work.Poor design brought Concorde down.Day 1 of asking all ears to send molly on a cruise.Some of these need osha.Hi, Its Really Good.

I am in10th class what I do.If you don't know what is then you might well leave now.The bridge didn't need to be made with concrete.Rather do gunite.Awesome way teaching.Of course the power is shut off.I did grab new piping from Home Depot to just go ahead and redo the 1988 piping and I have my primer and cement ready to go.I like the "tell it like it is" attitude.I Am 100% Healthy always.

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Alma Garcia

Los felisito asen un buen trabajo

Gooseberry Homestead

How cool would the Gabions look if you put dirt all over them....

Uli Bischoff

Thanks for making me more curious about setting timing on engines like this. Can't say I got it figured out, but it's a start

Jose Suarez

Great work. Can you come to texas for a project?


Nice job


THANK YOU SO MUCH! I've been studying for my PMP and just simply did not understand this in the PMBOK. You're a live safer!

Julie Pownall

Lovely place Dublin lreland beautiful churches too love hearing the church bells

Rahul Gandhi

hai toh yeh chutiya par kaam ki baatein bhi bol raha hai


By far, The best Barista training video I've found yet! Great Work!

groove jet

I swear to God?? Everyone needs to watch this man, the things he got upto are amazing, while we're on terra firmahe's up 200 ft , dragging himself over a 5" overhang, with the scaffold staging rocking in the the wind.Have you noticed knowbody ever goes up with him? Probally why he liked talking about himself, because not many people experienced what he did. And all on a stomach of cheese butties, tea, beer and nicotine.

Crunchy Roll

Kung pinatuloy lng ni Cory yung Power Plant ni Marcos... Marami sana natulungan nun... Puro Away kasi at paghihiganti nasa isip nila.... Kung sino nasa taas hihilain nila pababa.. Tulad nalng ng mga Senador... Except na tulungan nila ang pangulo.... Ginagawa nila sinisiraan.. Kaya d umuunlad pilipinas ehh...

mark ewings

Couldn't watch this because of the awful music. Bye

Kyle Kerrigan

That moment u have to make one big ship cuz ur pc is a vegetable

Edwin Garcia

I am Nicaraguan and it was good that the serious ones with subtitle or in Spanish the videos

Sanket Vairagar

Agar America mai business karana hai to kya kare uske bhi kuch kayde hai kya

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