Constitution of Canada

I really like the look of it.very nice speech I appreciate both of you.Please donateAall your lecturesTo iskcon templesTo iskcon ashramsTo iskcon guashalasTo iskcon govinda resturantsTo.We do the same stack and tray spacing technique as shown by the first crew.There is a mass grave in Drumheller Alberta Canada.Great appreciated.where goes that much crushed limestone, no one talk about, that also might be good comonities from lookingall kind minerals trap in rocks, I do not think they just dump them before analize content for waluable minerals.The other guys tend to leak and mold after 5 yrs.

I kinda don't understand some words, either way, the video is great, thumbs up.Ha Ha maduro is doing such a great job, eat up ".I actually watched the whole video.Jesus, music is so fucking loud sometimes.

for BCWP of "Activity C" you could have said 33% of 1200 396.What Bernie is advocating is Social Democracy, an ideology that has similar values to socialism but within a capitalist economy.In nordic countries in many areas venting of crawl space must be done or radon gases could cause much cancer and other serious conditions for habitants.well given that parts of the antarctic are actually desert, that receive just a few cm of snow every century, I'd say exploring the continent without a very goodreason is irresponsible.If everybody follow these advice youtubers will go broke.50:00 diversifikation.Charles Lindbergh's suggestion to cut back on boost and the resulting need for less fuel was simply a good idea.California has become a F DUMP of Destruction stupid Mother F (DEMORATS)!I hate math and science but I want to become an engineer.

Why aren't any of the guys in the foundry wearing any real proper protective equipment?I've been wondering why people don't do that?Nice work great vid.I see the blood transfusions are working for Warren.go and study ME again in an other university or do a master in engineering?

I have lived

I have lived

Is this necessary for site engineer to learn AutoCAD?Sign up for the email list here Delta and LUV are on my watchlist since Monday.They are taking over the tech world.Try to find a career that automation will at least be delayed, (plumbing, electrical, carpentry) but even there manufacturing will largely take over.My favourite is kingdom tower.

Lalo still lives in a trailer that is pretty run down I don’t think he had had a raise in a long time.They should have given us some info on the power plants for the mega cranes.Salam PlZ give your what’s up num or email I’d PlZ.Do you use hovering drones for Ariel shots?Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

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Donald Barnes

I guess the Bay Area Rapid Transit would be considered a BOONDOGLE , it started in the 60s and isn't finished yet at what cost? only 118,million people use it every year. Have you ever gone to Los Angeles by train. Try it, start in Sacramento go thru the valley to Bakersville catch a bus and go the rest of the way to the train station. We can send a man to the MOON but we can"t build a railroad.

Kitty Guy

Police on albania make 500$ in mounth and i love to go on america

joe doe-sedoe

I would use old motor oil ,it’s cheaper than cooking oil and burns away ,doesn’t it come from the ground ? Dah?

Tyrel J.

The climate has always dramatically changed even before humans global warming is for retards

Shadow Mage

The Bowdose not have a handle as such .It is called a riser ,

Arthur Gallaway

Why would anyone want to show a mistake by our military,never judge until you have walked a mile on there boots.


Gotta love the fact this is a one sided story.There’s pros and cons to EVERYTHING in life. They didn’t interview me. I work at a union site doing security. Getting $11.65 an hour. I have worked at least two jobs for the past 20 years. I have to. I got bills to pay. I make $466 dollars a week with just my security job.After taxes, Union dies, medical I take home about $280 a week.The whole 40 hours a week is out of date. I have to work as much as I need in order to pay bills. THATS REALITY.What people see on tv is a fantasy.5-10-18

Sohiab Wadi

I use thumbtack and they are great . Home advisor I’ve lost lots of money on . All they do is send fake leads and charge you for them biggest scam ever

Barrios Groupie

If you don't want to bring up children within a safe, secure family setting then don't get married.

Chris Jamz

Nice to see you upgrade to a proper "cabinet mounting screw" when hanging the kitchen upper back in place. Amazing how many people use brittle drywall screwswhen mounting cabinets. I love the Symmons retro kits.I first saw them in use on TOH many moons ago and I have used them ever since when upgrading to a pressure balance valve in a non remodel job (retro fit).Thumbs up .

M Staton

How do you deal with the men who have a problem with women in a "male-dominant" industry?

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