Patent laws should be broken.The First Union I was in was The Amalgamated Society of Boilermakers, Shipwrights, Blacksmiths and Structural Workers,They Amalgamated That yearand became the less impressive,General, Municipal, Boilermakers and Allied Trade Union, ).Sir my Name is Akshay verghese.

distance between earth and edge of solar system is approx 9billion miles.I've heard a lot about people fixing boats and having hands on experience getting good paying jobs.I'm just expressing my experiences and I'm hoping we could discuss and learn from one another!CLICKBAITS ARE TURNING INTO LIES!I visited the EdisonFord complex in Fort Myers a very personal message was given by the choice of Victor for his label.

You like super high.He didn't lose his home and his money, he merely used his wealth to buy the lifestyle he wanted.I just hope that the concrete guy had insurance to pay for this total failure.I love this because I am already feeling relaxed and hope to sail through the phd and enjoy it.That was like a movie set.Dude I wish I was Larry's'll thank me when you're 50.

No offence I'm just wondering do you guys

No offence I'm just wondering do you guys

I am going to have to steal that.Don’t see that happening?That has to slow you down and waste fuel.Love your vlogs and your chemistry.David explain it in an easily understand and in depth information needed for presentation way.

4:59 "cold repair"?I always say you can pick need for a bump cutter if you have a good rod man!How about flipping houses?Most them are tiktok users.Its literally a drawn dumpster fire like AHK.

These illegal migrants don't hire themselves, They exist

These illegal migrants don't hire themselves, They exist

What a wonderful summary.Thank you for all the details and extra knowledge from your experience!Better hope that volcano doesent decide to boil up some ice then eh.The concrete footing has no rebar in it.Drywall work is something that HAS to be done right the first time, because if you fk it up the first time?smokeganja and watch it.

Throughout my teens computer programming consumed my

Throughout my teens computer programming consumed my

what you build there is a garden shed!i don't think this is a stable installation method.High temperature superconductive magnetic levitation is the future.Robots will do all dirty, dangerous works.This didn't really explain anything other than showing fancy 3D presentations of a 3D building and its components.We build wood overhangs they get painted in the end not vinyl.The truth is most people who drop out of engineering simply do so because they are not competent enough to have a rewarding career.A lot is wrong in this video, first you don't get a neutral from the over head lines, this is only achieved for the star side of the pole transformer, as those over head lines will most likely be 11kv.You gotta suck dick to work and if your black you definitely ain't working.thn architect is the team leader.

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So much work always pays off at the end

Shane Gonzalez

Why would anyone thumbs down this video. Great job bud doing awesome work!

Davonte Mccane

Bruh. I had this theory that gods battle for ownership for some time. Thass crazy asf


Sir Saudi Arabia ke job batao please

Becca Hallas

Hey, I’m wanting a job in recruitment however my work background is mainly customer service based so I don’t have any real sales or recruitment experience or a degree! I’ve been to a few interviews and they ask me to come back in 6 months with experience in recruitment, any advice? Thanks x


Rush Limbaugh feels strongly that the criminal Dick Cheney is the equivalent of the next coming of Jesus and some are calling for Limbaugh to receive the medal of honor.Katie Hopkins is by comparison the worlds greatest genius.

Tim Henry

Weird it had no treads on the tires.


The original movie was far superior

Harry Balszak

Newfies are an embarrassment to Canada. Bunch of uneducated bums.


Where did the chicken go?

manish parle

Thanks sir


She doesn’t understand that her unbridled ambition not only greatly diminishes Bernie’s chances, but forever extinguishes her chances of winning anything big!

Rodrigo Rodriguez

Hi mat, how are you? I'm an old follower, I was wondering if you could help me with this. I need to buy a laptop for my master in structural engineering and for my daily personal use, and I have 3 options, all 3 have i7 9750 and 16ram, but here are the differences between them, the 1st one is an Acer Helios 300 15,6 gtx 1660 only 256ssd 1100$, the 2nd is a msi gf75 gtx 1650 only 512ssd 1050$, and the third is an Asus rog 15,6 gtx 1650 512ssd 1tb hdd for 950$, I think the last one has the best price for its components but the big disadvantage is that it doesn't have numberpad, so it would be great if you could help me decide or guide me about what would be the best option for me. Greetings!

Marty Marsh

There is only one thing wrong with his theories, corruption, unions, corporate America and the government are all corrupt. Not to mention unions found out they could stay in business by representing the business with your money. So who do you believe they represent, you and your little protection money or the people that actually keep them in business?

Epifania Villamor

That was crazy idea


The video composition is superb.Camera pans, depth of field effects, I don't know the jargon for all of it, but it was all extremely well done.

Alvin Geroy

Is it hard to find a starting company?

Kippp Nippp

Balls of steel

Sana Ahmed

Thanks alot

Isaac Greenough

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