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threw two atomic bombs on Japan to make the Japanese stop.Imagine having dinner and this just comes on.250 dollars a square foot?"Well, there you go, easy peasy.If you REALLY believe it, forward it.

This isn't really that fast tho it's good speed but not super speed.Love the videos mate!Trolling when there is a major virus going on?I'm Arabic student who is in university and my major is European languages so I'm gonna use this to learn French and I'll be back to tell you guys the result after 6 months from now.6:57 I'm over here getting a little bored and sleepy7:04 this shows up in the list and I'm back in!But no one has as many abs as Captain America has.Real easy to come down in life when you have a lifetime savings as a backup.Just had a complete bathroom renovation by a contractor who came highly recommended.

Jesus will be here soon.Would have liked to hear what Trump has been doing for the US.I don't think it's important to be an expert in nutrition but a basic understanding is helpful so you'll know why you're tired and not feeling well at times.I’m in the union at marinette marine.You already know that awful occasion when your brother’s friend (who’s been a loser permanently) gets a jaw-dropping girl to fall in love with him in, like 2 weeks?I'm a little surprised though they let Hammond actually touch the rotating shaft.

Trowel and knife.ill still give ya some props but im not sure you deserve them when you are doing it specifically for the elite.Ah yes " Whatever it is that the product did it helped her alot" seems like its legit. Thicc sarcasm for the dense people.brilliant control over the angle grinder, really enjoyed this video.It’s always been because of connections.Wish I had clients who would pay that money.dude I can literally get lost in this place haha.

5 yrs until go time.And at least 2,000 aq.World in 'uncharted territory'- Is it though or are the powers just pushing for a recession.I become fan of your videos and style of making it and represent your ideas.Don't worry " We're feeling delicious".Salute to theirhardwork.I would be proud to own one of your guitars, even I am only a amateur.

I’m glad to uncover his, lies, secrets and Infidelity.add me whatsapp group 00923085806580.It seems to be extremely infectious compared to the normal flu, and death rates are much higher, (3.Top slides up behind fan.Nice video Rich, what is the model number for your tool belt.I don't want the average millenial working for me.failed my first final term exam and i have retest tomorrow, idk A SINGLE THING, life couldn't get any better :.

Piers Morgan is a

Piers Morgan is a

I am in the process of updating my "out dated" resume.probably would have been more intresting if it was all done by hand.mechanical diploma freshen me liye videos bnaye sir please.25 years in management and leadership, yet I have never held the title of project manager and it's always been a mystery for me.I NOW WORK WITH PMP PMs AND NON-PMP PMs.I'll see you at a quarter till seven.What advantage would this have over just writing normal get and set methods likedef getFullName(self): return f'self.

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anthony smith

Tom is the best!!!!

Derpy Unicorn

Are you sober jiggles?

Thasim Latheef

Motta thalayan pennugaloda thalparyam avidennu maranilalloo


I hope that David, at some point soon, appears on Taskmaster. James Acaster and Rhod Gilbert would seem positively compliant, once David's indignation takes over.


She’s fine no offense

Nelson Joyce


Sandra Peniche

This is great to know! thanks for sharing <3

1 Tym 3,16

How complicated is that super machine DNA, how big information it carries, how fast it duplicates. Amazing! We are created by Almight God, the Ultimate Creator of life! Glory to God.

John Underwood

Best video on how to that I have seen in all of yutube ! Very simple, no "fake accent", no complicated instructions. Plain old, plain speak. Does the bow surpass a yew or orange wood"?,,,,,no, but it will darn sure make a great hunting bow ! Huzzah ! Well done indeed !

Thamani Mazhani

What3words is the only app I've ever installed from a Google ad and in theory, should get rid of the location problem. Great video!


Very nice.Great video.Just subbed on the strength of this. Ive been wanting to build one of these for my atlas craftsman. I really like your drilling fixture as well. Got lots of good ideas from this. time to go turn some hand wheels on my machines. :DCheers

Deano Ramirez

I'm calling bs on this whole video.She obviously doesn't know crap about our industry.There are a hole slew of women on the jobsite, from foreman, leads, safety managers, and plenty of carpenters flaggers, fitters, HVAC.This woman has no idea.


Bhut bara forad hai

Eleanor H

I'll just delegate all my homework

The Swoop


Monu Gaur

Activities :- A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,KImmediate predecessor(-,-,A,A,B,B,C,DE,EF,GH)This is correct questions aur not please reply


You must be the neatest Brickie ever to wonder on site lol, not seen many like you the sites iv'e been on.

Ryan Brown

I'm here exploring PM options for a small mechanical piping company that has a few projects going at all times. They want me to pick a product, and PC Mag recommends ZoHo... I'm impressed that free training is available!


18 adverts

Jacob Ashuri

He reminds me of a new version of Mr. Rodgers.GREAT VIDEO!!!!!!

mixed emotion

lack of space? hahaha.. while the video shows something else.

Nyamsuren Tsend


Ran Sam

I’m from Saudi Arabia but my teacher is from Ireland. Her name is Lisa Mulhaireand I really wanted to know more about Ireland because of her. She is just as lovely as her country. Irish people should be proud to have someone like her :)


Super super

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