Wow ganda naman dyan sa Malta.Bench needs to be 6-8 feet long and about 36 wide.Everything was so organized.I see an exceptional opportunity for power generators to power the streetlights or whatever.Maybe because I told myself 'all right, 25 minutes it is then and sleep after that'.Please don't to that again.

i smacked mine together a la Paul Sellers 'poor mans' bench when i bought an abandoned house and needed SOMETHING to work on.I hope she enjoys telling this story for ever.My man said a aircraft carrier has not been sunk sense WW2.What are the odds you are lucky thanks for uploading.I thought there were jackals screaming at the end of the first part.Plus Hyundainot known for reliability.Hi what software uyou used for that?

thanks again for hosting him PBD!That was really amazing.That would mean I lose 90% of my business because most of my students who learn piano live in the area.Thank god you didnt hit your toe he said lol.well, this is more like bmw motorrad documentary, I want more documentaries about motorbike factory included Honda, Yamaha, and Kawasaki.Believe me or not in the future all the time when someone starts to talk about how the plaster has to be done I just gonna say: Watch this video and we talk again later.Never think you're old enough not to learn something new.

What about the killing, raping

What about the killing, raping

I have been asked to look at the data to group employees based on abstract similarities.And the Wall will work.Fivestars for sure.Doesn't look authentic.we do know this things because we need to apply those things in real life.5% better fuel and 4% performance gain?upload a lecture on the concept of redundancy plz.

Its not just rich bling precious metals hoarders that have to get this stuff.Mam please provide direct link of fee structure.Just selling tea on the road or shop and having a white board could not have helped, isn't it?2nd roofing video today.You must be a shitty welder.Also had a chance to interview his guitar player Terry for my podcast, another great dude.dahil bumabaha titirahan Lang mga isda Yan.How should I answer this question?Thank you for this empowering video.But they must be able to drag and re-spool the miles of fire hoses from each water line source.

the real tragedy that

the real tragedy that

Hahaha, who cares!Red Green replacement, love this guy.Thought this said how to frame a door.I love my new going to kill myself.Like the fact you scrim taped your corners before the corner beads went on.Good deal, all the way 'round.

I was harassed by a woman

I was harassed by a woman

Krystal did you forget Warren publicly backstabbed Bernie with the misogynist dagger then twisted it on the debate stage.Also look into Grex nail guns, best I have ever used, and I have them all.I have a bachlor degree in civil engineering and i have 5 yr gcc experience also currently working in kuwait.The Greg Gutfeld Show is the BEST!Let’s get America Honest Again.The best messenger u can find in Utopia ecosystem project.Getting that timing belt back on?

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IE for Tujlapur Ausa

can this see excel sheet ?

Mark Twain

At 23:39 says public officials dropped the ball. Looks a lot like 2020, doesn't it?

mubashar charagdin

hy SARDAR bhai how r u? meny F.A kiya hy or HSE ka course mansol institute airport road lahore sy. uae me ana cahta ho no expressions in this filed.tell me any segestion ???

Bodh Raj Thakur

Thanks sir ji

gemini 6179

It'll spread like wildfire when this virus hits the homeless population in California due to lack of hygiene and sanitation.


Should have kept a few of the logs and use them to roll the container in the tight spots


I guess you're my new hero! Amazing!

papa bits

The wankers launching the boat

Englishman in Malta

Wow!!! to have so lessons on that machines , I'll give you a call next time I am in

shahbaz javeed

Haw are you

Robert Kesselring

You seem to focus a lot on car stuff, which is ok I guess. I think it would be fun though to see your take on things in other fields of engineering.... What kind of cool innovation is happening with aircraft, boats, buildings, power grids, dams, rockets, etc...


So am I right in saying that the way password cracks are made is when someone gains backend access to a database and they know the hashing method used for passwords. So if it was SHA256, they run every single possible combination of letters within the parameter (say, they don't ask for special characters or uppercase) and checks the dictionary to see if that hashed string is correlated to a password?

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Muhammad usman

I like you sooo much love you dear

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