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They TEACH hard and smart work ethic) We can work hard, just as hard as anyone and on that same token, Women can fuck up just as much as a man.Stress is a killer, for me it's better to stress about my own personal production in the union.I hope I can learn more about it and have fun in doing this job in the future, I really hope so.The pins are already there for the form.can anybody see anything wrong with that?blatant commiehe is, in nomination pool he should Not have been in.Damn he might be right about the rams winning this year.after 3 overtakings on the Autobahn, he went DEAD and had to pull over and aside - to much laugh on our side.

Sometimes shimming as much as 34

Sometimes shimming as much as 34

Can't wait For More.people they need to think like that.Some interesting ideas but unfortunately, I had to turn this video off."I'm making meatballs!So I am majoring in BA Psychology, I am in 2nd year now and I'm thinking about going into Forensics Psychology.Good news and bad news again: You won't fall to the ground but you will not feel good at all if you have to be caught by the harness.Tu sabse boda chor he sala cutiya.

Behind the scenes they are some sick people.Helpful great work.That thing that parks the car is kinda stupid.Bc the virus took advantage of stupidity and hitched a ride on ships and planes unchecked.doing 0 to 60 in 2 Second, can move in 2D!U guys first visit australia before judging.

their bodies are brought in coffins.As my experiencenow Aus become another Uk and education become a business.I was just reading through some of the comments!education 2 hai.5 engine but with no speed adjustment or throttle cable.M v dubai ch a 10 years to.Pulled to a Memorial near Camden, SC.I see they welded some cleats onto the tracks just for the plans of the trip.  AND, more to the point, Japan having started out with a much larger navy, was the exact opposite.Hard and dangerous labor, but good money.

Too many people conflate socialism

Too many people conflate socialism

In reference to having to remove wood blocks.You'll make about $68K.No matter where in the world you are from, New York City always has a place in your heart.Now I have a glimpse inside the production.So visual, easy to follow and concepts are explained in an engaging way that is naturally understood.Great video john!

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Chris Wilby

I found out I was scared of heights when I was about 13 years old putting a cb antenna on our chimney no roof ladder and nice smooth tiles.

Nacho Croes

Wow what have those oldtimer big guds

Felipe Carvalho

Solution 1 should be well appliable to us. Maaaybe... just maybe, its like something in modern human lifestyle is actually causing us more prone to cancers? Like IMAGINE THAT, right? As if living in a cancerous-like society (agressive to the rest of the biosphere) could cause us to have cancers! Oh no but thats CRAAAZY. Sure.Much more likely is that nature has SO MUCH cancers that cancers start killing cancers and thats all there is. Even if we never found any evidence of such.

murali vallaboju

Why don't you cover the story of an police officer stabbed 400 times and thrown in drainage.

Fit Life Junkie

Good info, but this video should've been broken up into 2 or 3 videos. I like your passion and you have good camera presence, but you're too verbose (IMO). I saw your headline and just wanted to get in, learn about the 7 trade schools with your reasons why, and that's it. Instead I had to sit through about 10 min of stuff that could have been left for another video! Anyway, just want to see you succeed, hope you take my criticism well!

kent brown

everyone wear a mask for mask day someone make maskday a i can celebrate it allyear every year..i will start early in NZ.. keep an eye on NZ news..may take till2020 to fuss the up on news tho....


I'm currently a conservative music major at a community college and originally wanted to become a choir teacher. I've always questioned whether being a music teacher was really worth the wealth and the risk. While I don't have experience now, I've been thinking about UTI or a trade school in general to become an auto mechanic. This video helps


0:20 had a "few" beers

Crystal Allen

You don't own any content that's oppressive and pulled out your ass.

Dominic Bravo

Im an Electrical engineer but i shift in mechanical engineer. I love both but it is easy for me to master electrical principle for me than forces and heat and etc. Btw in computer field like cad it easy to self study cuz were on information age. So i choose mechanical because its much cooler but i still love electricity its both cool.

Melissa Maykin

90% of the room went home and broke up with their partners

TheSupre Rub

Why mix the connection water up and water down


1 - able to sell himself2 - capable to understand what need the costumer3 - answer as the costumer expect, but design as you know how it must be done4 - capable to write papers full of numbers and words in a manner you can demonstrate the world is flat to get the building permit by local administrations5 - techincal Skills (after you get the costumer and the building permit, the building must be done for real)6 - agree with the guy who wrote "able to not sleep"who can do 12345 obtain "leadership" but you can't do anything if you don't have "an iron stomach" (maybe the movie "Equilibrium" can help to understand which kind of attitude you need to have most of the time)

Funny Clips TV

RIP kobe

Rey jesus

Concrete is back breaking job just like tile installation . And if there's a bad tile installation you'll have a black eye too. LolBeen installing tile for 22 yrs , floating showers , counters with cement mud and believe me it's hard work but love doing it because it's different every day.

ThaKodak Monsta

I love how he says that we need a government that works for everyone and yet the people who have suffered most from unions have been minorities middle class citizens THE SAME PEOPLE HE CLAIMS TO WANT TO HELP.

david hemphill

Ingenious??Brand new level??You got to be kidding me!

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